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Visitor Management System

The B-Safe Systems Visitor Management Solution has a number of components that may be selected to provide the desired functionality for a Residential Estate, Office Park and Industrial Site.

• Control entry and exit of property by security guards

• Guards check driver’s license, vehicle licence, pre-clearance pin

• Can even have unmanned keypad activation for booms


  1. Invite Contact
  2. Invite Cell Number
  3. Generate Personal Access Code
  4. Address for Navigation

Emergency Alert

  1. Security Alert with location
  2. Medical Alert with location


  1. Courtesy
  2. General
  3. Promotion

Visitors Access Control Keypad Solutions Residential Estate

1. Resident generates and sends Personal Access Code to the visitor.

2. The visitor enters Personal Access Code at estate via Keypad.

3. Personal Access Code is only valid for a single entry and single exit.

4. Resident is notified of visitor arrival and departure.

Residence Smartphone Application

NIM-SUBS-MEM, a Monthly Software Subscription per estate enables the generation of a Pre-­Clearance Personal Access Code to allow access to the Estate or Property. The application is available on ANDROID / iOS Smartphones and may be downloaded from the Play Store or App Store.

Residence SMS Application

NIM­SUBS­SMS, a Monthly Subscription per estate enables the Personal Access Code generation and delivery via SMS or WhatsApp to allow access to the visitor. Notification of arrival and departure of guests via “doorbell” announcement. This also includes the generation of bulk messaging to residents not registered on NIM-­‐SUBS-­‐MEM. It will send Free Push notifications with SMS failover for Legacy phone users. Easily notify residents and support PDF attachments.

Management Portal Key Features

The OpenItem Visitor Management Solution includes a web based reporting and management portal. Access to the portal is password protected to ensure POPI act compliance. The portal also make use of a secure SSL communication layer. Diligence is required by the HOA or Estate management to ensure access is controlled. The portal consists of the following features;

a. Security Checks Grid – Sequential view of all transactions for a date range.

b. “Roll Call” Grid – Displaying the duration of the visitor in the Estate or Property.

c. Case Grid – displaying the PIN’s generated by the residents.

d. Residences Grid – Manage and update residences and addresses of the estate.

e. Contacts Grid – to view the details of the registered residents.

f. Contact Messages Grid – View the messages sent by or to the registered residents.

g. Visitor Register – Comprehensive history of all visitors processed through the access control process.

h. Bulk Notification – Enable the sending of bulk messages to the registered residents or groups of residents. Messages may be sent as push notification or SMS.

i. Bulk Invitation – Import a spreadsheet with visitors invited to larger events.

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